HI! I mostly reblog about K-Pop! There are many groups that I like, too many to name. I also seen many K-Drama's; what can I say there so addicting. I have gone to a few K-Pop concerts :) which were amazing! I also like funny and random stuff; I love to laugh. Oh and I like Trees… :P


Just helping out a friend with a wedgie… ლ(・ิω・ิლ)

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When God Made B.A.P

Yongguk: Just 3 spoonfuls of gummy smile, 2 cups of love and warmth, 10 teaspoons of dorkiness, a bowl of talent for composing and just a dash of-- - *accidentally spills the entire barrel of deep-voice*

Himchan: 5 cups full of good looks, 2 spoonfuls of piercing gazes, 2 teaspoons of umma-ness, a bowl of deep voice, 15 tablespoons of sass and a sprinkle of-- - *pours the entire packet of dork*

Daehyun: 3 bowls of powerful vocals, 2 cups of good looks, 5 teaspoons of thick lips, 2 spoonfuls of perfect body proportion, 2 spoonfuls of kitty smiles and a little bit of-- - *empties the entire container of bulge*

Youngjae: 3 bowls of honey vocals, 3 cups of apple cheeks, 10 tablespoons of dorkiness, 5 spoonfuls of sass and just a liiiitle bit of-- - *spills the entire bottle of fluff*

Jongup: 4 cups of funny thoughts, 5 bowls of powerful dancing, a teaspoon of awkwardness, 3 spoonfuls of sass towards daehyun, 5 packets of blinding angelic smiles and a nice sprinkle of-- - *empties the entire packet of godly abs and cheetos*

Zelo: 3 bowls of talented rapping, 5 cups of flexible and strong dancing, 10 teaspoons of cuteness, 4 spoonfuls of sweetness and a dash of-- - *spills the entire bottle of long legs and height*